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One of my first digital photos

Brent & Keesha
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Here's a shot of Brent & Keesha at the Winnipeg Airport. (taken with a Kodak DC220)


Yet another reason why I prefer Russia to Canada

CTV.ca | Federal minister calls for school swim lessons

Swimming lessons should become part of every child's education, says the federal minister of state responsible for public health.

Carolyn Bennett is calling for swim lessons to be part of the school curriculum and for the federal government to help fund the initiative.

"In this country that is covered in swater, it seems like it should be like reading and writing," Bennett said.

Ooookay, so what's next? Will Canadian taxpayers need to pay for all government school students to learn how to skate? (And what's "swater" anyway?)


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My Visited Countries

World66.com is a neat site that lets you create a map showing the places you've visited. Here's my map of world travels:

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or check our Venice travel guide

My Visited States

Here, courtesy of World66.com, is a map showing the U.S. states I've visted:

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I Miss My Big Jim!

Big Jim was one of my favourite toys from childhood. I recently stumbled upon this page and boy, did it bring back memories! I know of at least one photo in storage of me playing with my beloved action figure (not a doll, no way!). Those were the days...


Kyoto and the new Russian gulag?

Now for some eco-political dabbling... I am sitting in the Lutheran Mission Home in Helsinki at the moment, checking mail and so on, with an African friend behind me watching the good ole BBC News. Kyoto was on the news again, with some "encouraging news from Russia". It seems some plant managers in Russia are looking forward to Kyoto and the opportunity to spend money on reducing emissions.

Pardon me if I cough (pun intended). I remain highly skeptical of Russian industry's interest in spending money on any type of cleanup. There is little or no evidence that I have seen of either business or government being willing to spend money to please someone else (which is certainly what Kyoto is all about: appeasing the environmentalists and making the EU feel good about themselves). If money comes to Russia because of Kyoto, you can be pretty certain that the funds will be well-invested (that is, into the politicians' pockets!).

In the article linked above, Hans notes "It should not be forgotten that the Russians are reputed to be tough negotiators." Good point, and it's not just reputation, it's fact. Russian businessmen (let alone politicians) are adept at finding ways to get around obstacles. Ratification or not, it is quite unlikely that Russia will truly implement the Kyoto treaty. And that may not be a completely bad thing...


Can't believe that I almost let this one slip away...

Welcome to yet another "KRHamm" web page/site/whatever. I am in the process of trying to streamline my web publishing, so this is all part of a grand experiment. So far my attempts at photo-blogging with Blogger, Picasa and Hello have been quite satisfying. Check back for more soon...